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General reports

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Reports on tests published and scored by I.Q. Tests for the High Range

Norms given as "preliminary" and/or with a "Quality of norms" of 0 will be replaced by better ones when enough submissions have come in [When are statistical reports updated?]. It can not be predicted when that will be, so it is not possible to answer questions like "When will the … test have official norms?"

For admission purposes, preliminary and/or zero-quality norms are less "safe" than norms based on a reasonable number of submissions with some additional statistics known. It is up to the admission officers of the societies to study the available statistics for a test and decide if it is suitable for admission.

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Reports on I.Q. tests currently in use

  1. The Alchemist Test
  2. Associative LIMIT
  3. Test of the Beheaded Man
  4. The Bonsai Test - Revision 2016
  5. Cooijmans Intelligence Test - Form 3E
    Cooijmans Intelligentietest - Vorm 3NL
  6. Cooijmans Intelligence Test - Form 4E
  7. Cooijmans Intelligence Test 5
  8. Cooijmans On-Line Test - Two-barrelled version
  9. Daedalus Test
  10. Dicing with death
  11. Divine Psychometry
  12. Genius Association Test
  13. Gliaweb Raadselachtig Analogieënproefwerk
  14. GliaWeb Raadselachtige Associatie- en Analogieëntest
  15. Gliaweb Riddled Intelligence Test
  16. De Golfstroomtest - Herziening 2019
  17. Isis Test
  18. Laaglandse Aanlegtest - Herziening 2016
  19. De Laatste Test - Herziening 2019
  20. Labyrinthine LIMIT
  21. Lieshout International Mesospheric Intelligence Test
  22. The Marathon Test
  23. Numerical and Spatial sections of The Marathon Test
  24. Numerical section of The Marathon Test
  25. Spatial section of The Marathon Test
  26. Verbal section of The Marathon Test
  27. Narcissus' last stand
  28. The Nemesis Test
  29. Only idiots
  30. A Paranoiac's Torture: Intelligence Test Utilizing Diabolic Exactitude
  31. The Piper's Test
  32. Problems In Gentle Slopes of the second degree
  33. Problems In Gentle Slopes of the third degree
  34. Psychometrically Activated Grids Acerbate Neuroticism
  35. Psychometric Qrosswords
  36. Qoymans Multiple-Choice #5
  37. Random Feickery
  38. Reason - Revision 2008
  39. Reason Behind Multiple-Choice - Revision 2008
  40. Reflections In Peroxide
  41. A Relaxing Test
  42. De Roskam
  43. The Sargasso Test
  44. The Smell Test
  45. Test For Genius - Revision 2016
  46. Numerical and Spatial sections of Test For Genius - Revision 2016
  47. Numerical section of Test For Genius - Revision 2010
  48. Space, Time, and Hyperspace - Revision 2016
  49. Verbal section of Test For Genius - Revision 2016
  50. The Test To End All Tests

Reports on personality tests currently in use

  1. Cooijmans Inventory of Neo-Marxist Attitudes
  2. Gifted Adult's Inventory of Aspergerisms
  3. Personality Scales for Intelligent Adults - Revision 2007
  4. Personality Scales for Intelligent Adults (old version)

Reports on I.Q. tests no longer in use

If you have ordered one of these tests in the past and have not yet taken it, you may still send answers.

  1. A-10 - The very first test administered by I.Q. Tests for the High Range in 1995
  2. A-18 - Early experimental association test
  3. Analogies #1
  4. Analogieën (NL)
  5. Analogies (Long T.F.G., English)
  6. Associatie (NL)
  7. Association and Analogies (French)
  8. Association and Analogies (German)
  9. Association Test (Long T.F.G., English)
  10. A-tests - Old experimental association tests
  11. Bonsai Test
  12. Cartoons of Shock
  13. COLT - <Cooijmans OnLine Test> - Before the second barrel was added
  14. Cooijmans Intelligence Test - Form 1
  15. Cooijmans Intelligence Test - Form 2
  16. Evens
  17. Female Intelligence Test
  18. The Final Test
  19. The Final Test - Revision 2013
  20. Giga Test
  21. Gliaweb Riddled Intelligence Test (old version)
  22. De Golfstroomtest
  23. Grail Test
  24. The Hammer Of Test-Hungry
  25. The Hammer Of Test-Hungry - Revision 2013
  26. Intelligence Quantifier by assessment
  27. KIT Intelligence Test
  28. De Laatste Test
  29. The LAW - Letters and Words
  30. Letters
  31. Long Test For Genius
  32. Low Countries Aptitude Test
  33. Numerical Insight Test
  34. Numbers
  35. Problems In Gentle Slopes of the first degree
  36. Odds
  37. Qoymans Automatic Test #1
  38. Qoymans Automatic Test #2
  39. Qoymans Automatic Test #3
  40. Qoymans Multiple-Choice #1
  41. Qoymans Multiple-Choice #2
  42. Qoymans Multiple-Choice #3
  43. Qoymans Multiple-Choice #4
  44. Reason
  45. Reason Behind Multiple-Choice
  46. Spatial Insight Test
  47. Test of Shock and Awe
  48. Short Test For Genius
  49. Space, Time and Hyperspace
  50. Test For Genius (French)
  51. Test For Genius - Revision 2004
  52. Spatial section of Test For Genius - Revision 2004
  53. Verbal section of Test For Genius - Revision 2004
  54. Test For Genius - Revision 2010
  55. Numerical and Spatial sections of Test For Genius - Revision 2010
  56. Test Voor Genialiteit - (Lange versie)
  57. Verbal Insight Test
  58. Words

Other types of reports

Reports by I.Q. Tests for the High Range on tests by others

Please keep the following in mind: Most of these reports are based on scores reported by candidates; as a result of candidates' tendency to report their higher scores while withholding lower ones, there may be an upward bias in the reported scores, while the possible correlation with other variables is reduced. Also, some of the reports deal with compound variables, wherein all the tests of a given author or organization are combined. Such a compound variable, too, has reduced potential to correlate with any other variable, because of the imperfect intercorrelations of its constituents. These reports are ranked by the mean of their correlations with other tests.

  1. Numbers of known scores on tests by others
  2. Three Sonnets (Heinrich Siemens)
  3. Chimera Test (Bill Bultas)
  4. Titan Test (Ronald K. Hoeflin)
  5. Advanced Intelligence Test (Randy Myers)
  6. Epiq tests (aggregate)
  7. CHART - Chimera High Ability Riddle Test (Bill Bultas)
  8. Cito-toets
  9. 916 Test (Laurent Dubois)
  10. Tests by Nikolaos Soulios (aggregate)
  11. Mega Test (Ronald K. Hoeflin)
  12. Scholastic Aptitude Test (old)
  13. Nonverbal Cognitive Performance Examination (Xavier Jouve)
  14. Tests by Ivan Ivec (aggregate)
  15. Sigma Test (Melão Hindemburg)
  16. Strict Logic Sequences Examination - Form I (Jonathan Wai)
  17. Strict Logic Spatial Examination 48 (Jonathan Wai)
  18. Test of Inductive Reasoning / J.C.T.I. (Xavier Jouve)
  19. Culture Fair Numerical Spatial Examination - Final version
  20. Logima Strictica 36 (Robert Lato)
  21. International High I.Q. Society tests
  22. Graduate Record Examination
  23. American College Testing program
  24. Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scales (WAIS)
  25. Tests by Nicolas Elenas (aggregate)
  26. Unknown and miscellaneous tests
  27. Strict Logic Sequences Examination II (Jonathan Wai)
  28. Mysterium Entrance Exams (Greg Grove)
  29. Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices (reported raw scores)
  30. Cattell Culture Fair
  31. Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices (reported I.Q.'s)
  32. Scholastic Aptitude Test (new)
  33. W-87 (I.S.P.E.)
  34. Tests by Jason Betts (aggregate)

Reports by others