Cooijmans tests ranked by popularity

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The Test Top 115 of All Times!

Ranked by number of scores per year (n/yr).

1Qoymans Multiple-Choice #2826.0413Verbal200220020.35
2Qoymans Multiple-Choice #1372.0186Verbal200220020.29
3Qoymans Multiple-Choice #3141.0282Verbal200220040.30
4Qoymans Multiple-Choice #442.3169Verbal200420080.24
6Gliaweb Riddled Intelligence Test - Revision 201119.6157Verbal, numerical, spatial, logical201120190.23
7Space, Time, and Hyperspace18.2182Spatial199520050.52
8A-12 - Early experimental oral association test in Netherlandic, 40 items18.018Verbal199519960.26
9A-10 - Early experimental association test in Netherlandic16.08Verbal199519950.92
10Cooijmans Intelligence Test - Form 314.7147Verbal, numerical, spatial200920190.48
11KIT Intelligence Test - first attempts14.014Adaptive200520061.00
12Test For Genius - Revision 200413.380Verbal, spatial200420100.59
13Cooijmans Intelligence Test - Form 213.266Verbal, numerical, spatial200420090.44
14Spatial Insight Test13.026Spatial200320050.35
15Association subtest of Long Test For Genius12.1109Verbal199520040.63
16Qoymans Automatic Test #212.036Verbal, numerical, spatial, logical200220050.19
17Qoymans Automatic Test #111.847Verbal, numerical, logical200120050.26
18.5Test of Shock and Awe11.523Verbal, numerical200320050.43
18.5Gliaweb Riddled Intelligence Test (old version)11.546Verbal, numerical, spatial, logical200720110.17
20Cooijmans Intelligence Test - Form 411.066Verbal, numerical, spatial, logical201320190.62
21Analogies of Long Test For Genius10.998Verbal199520040.68
22.5Spatial section of Test For Genius - Revision 200410.8130Spatial200420160.48
22.5Cooijmans Intelligence Test - Form 110.865Verbal, numerical, spatial199820040.30
24Space, Time, and Hyperspace - Revision 201610.732Spatial201620190.42
25Combined Numerical and Spatial sections of Test For Genius - Revision 201610.030Numerical, spatial201620190.54
26Combined Numerical and Spatial sections of Test For Genius - Revision 20109.758Numerical, spatial201020160.60
27Numerical section of Test For Genius - Revision 20109.485Numerical201020190.77
28Long Test For Genius9.384Verbal, spatial199520040.59
29The Bonsai Test - Revision 20168.726Verbal, numerical, spatial201620190.39
30Analogies #18.333Verbal199920030.64
31Short Test For Genius8.173Verbal, numerical, spatial199520040.82
32.5A-17 - Early experimental association test in English, 45 items8.08Verbal199519960.95
35Reason Behind Multiple-Choice7.831Verbal, logical200420080.22
37Verbal section of Test For Genius - Revision 20047.7115Verbal200420190.71
37Problems In Gentle Slopes of the third degree7.723Verbal, spatial201620190.26
37Verbal section of Test For Genius - Revision 20167.723Verbal201620190.76
39Qoymans Multiple-Choice #57.583Verbal200820190.18
40Reason - Revision 20087.582Logical200820190.24
41The Final Test7.4126Verbal199620130.48
42Test For Genius - Revision 20167.322Verbal, numerical, spatial201620190.67
43Reason Behind Multiple-Choice - Revision 20087.380Verbal, logical200820190.20
45A-18 - Early experimental association test in Netherlandic7.07Verbal199519960.56
45Numerical Insight Test7.014Numerical200320050.10
45Cooijmans Intelligence Test 57.021Verbal, numerical, spatial201620190.89
47A-22 - Early experimental association test in Netherlandic, 27 items (maximum score 31)6.720Verbal199519980.27
48.5Genius Association Test6.5104Verbal200320190.45
48.5Test For Genius - Revision 20106.539Verbal, numerical, spatial201020160.67
50Bonsai Test6.325Verbal, numerical, spatial200220060.51
51Lieshout International Mesospheric Intelligence Test6.192Spatial200420190.40
52.5Association and Analogies (German)6.06Verbal200420050.60
52.5The Piper's Test6.03Verbal, numerical, spatial, logical201920190.84
54Qoymans Automatic Test #35.511Verbal, numerical, spatial, logical200520070.15
55Cartoons of Shock5.454Verbal, numerical, spatial200620160.42
56.5A-16 - Early experimental association test in Netherlandic, 21 items5.05Verbal199519960.90
56.5A-19 - Early experimental association test in Netherlandic, 23 items5.05Verbal199519960.50
58Cooijmans On-Line Test4.334Logical200120091.00
59Problems In Gentle Slopes of the second degree4.225Numerical, spatial201320190.65
60Verbal Insight Test4.04Verbal200320040.35
61Isis Test3.971Verbal, numerical200120190.97
62The Sargasso Test3.846Verbal, numerical, spatial, logical200720190.49
63Associative LIMIT3.861Verbal, spatial200320190.45
65The Alchemist Test3.618Numerical, logical201420190.70
66Numerical section of The Marathon Test3.144Numerical200520190.26
67Spatial section of The Marathon Test3.143Spatial200520190.56
72Test of the Beheaded Man3.039Verbal, numerical, spatial, logical200620190.53
72The Test To End All Tests3.066Verbal199720190.67
72Numerical and spatial sections of The Marathon Test3.042Numerical, spatial200520190.40
72A-11 - Early experimental association test in English, 60 items3.03Verbal199519960.96
72A-15 - Early experimental association test in Netherlandic, 32 items3.03Verbal199519960.88
72A-21 - Early experimental numerical test, 9 items3.03Numerical199519960.85
72Early experimental association test in Netherlandic, 21 items3.03Verbal199519960.62
72Early experimental association test in Netherlandic, 38 items3.03Verbal199519960.11
72The Final Test - Revision 20133.018Verbal201320190.76
77Cooijmans On-Line Test - Two-barrelled version2.932Verbal, numerical, logical200820191.00
78The Hammer Of Test-Hungry - Revision 20132.817Verbal, numerical, logical201320191.00
79.5A Paranoiac's Torture: Intelligence Test Utilizing Diabolic Exactitude2.525Verbal, numerical, spatial200920190.84
79.5Giga Test2.55Verbal, numerical, working memory capacity - Supervised, Netherlandic199719990.62
81.5Reflections In Peroxide2.220Numerical, spatial201020190.69
81.5Association subtest of Long Test For Genius (Netherlandic)2.220Verbal199620050.63
83The Nemesis Test2.248Verbal, numerical, spatial, logical199720190.86
84Verbal section of The Marathon Test2.130Verbal200520190.43
86The Marathon Test2.028Verbal, numerical, spatial200520190.39
86Early experimental association test in English, 36 items2.02Verbal199519960.79
86De Laatste Test - Herziening 20192.01Verbal, spatial20192019?
88.5Narcissus' last stand1.917Verbal, numerical, spatial201020190.71
88.5Analogies subtest of Long Test For Genius (Netherlandic)1.917Verbal199620050.72
90Long Test For Genius (Netherlandic)1.816Verbal, spatial199620050.60
93Daedalus Test1.633Logical199920190.61
94Problems In Gentle Slopes of the first degree1.520Verbal, numerical, spatial, logical200620190.26
95Association and Analogies (French)1.512Verbal199620040.66
96The LAW - Letters And Words1.519Verbal200320160.12
97Association subtest of Long Test For Genius (French)1.411Verbal199620040.61
98The Hammer Of Test-Hungry1.34Verbal, numerical, logical201020131.00
99Long Test For Genius (French)1.310Verbal, spatial199620040.61
100Analogies subtest of Long Test For Genius (French)1.211Verbal199620050.71
101Psychometric Qrosswords1.120Verbal200120190.23
102.5Laaglandse Aanlegtest - Herziening 20161.03Verbal, spatial201620190.35
102.5Early experimental association test in Netherlandic, 40 items1.01Verbal19951996?
104Labyrinthine LIMIT0.812Spatial, logical200420190.63
105Female Intelligence Test0.89Verbal, numerical, spatial, speeded mental task, clerical accuracy, dexterity/motoric200320150.35
107Psychometrically Activated Grids Acerbate Neuroticism0.710Verbal, logical200420190.44
107Grail Test0.72Verbal, numerical, spatial, working memory capacity, speeded mental task, dexterity/motoric, physical (strength, explosiveness, speed, stamina) - Supervised, Netherlandic199920021.00
107Dicing with death0.74Verbal, spatial201320190.68
109Low Countries Aptitude Test0.67Numerical, spatial - Supervised200420160.18
110Analogies #1 (Netherlandic)0.52Verbal199920030.52
111Gliaweb Raadselachtig Analogieënproefwerk0.45Verbal200720190.49
112De Laatste Test0.37Verbal199620190.60
113De Golfstroomtest0.33Verbal200720190.54
114De Roskam0.22Verbal200720190.38
115GliaWeb Raadselachtige Associatie- en Analogieëntest0.11Verbal20082019?

Note: q = hardness

Number of scores occurring per year (n/yr) by number of item types contained

# typesmean n/yr (# tests)
127.4 (63)
24.8 (22)
36.4 (18)
47.6 (10)

It could not be more clear: Homogeneous (one-sided) tests are by far the most popular. Candidates, when allowed to follow their own preferences and not guided into more sensible ways, choose to have it easy and take mainly or only tests that fit their strongest side. Test constructors who are only in for the money and fame cater for their candidates' regrettable whims, resulting in score inflation and the tsunami of unbalanced characters claiming the world's highest "I.Q." we all loathe so much.

Number of scores occurring per year (n/yr) on homogeneous tests by item type contained

Typemean n/yr (# tests)
Verbal34.8 (45)
Numerical9.0 (7)
Spatial10.3 (6)
Logical5.3 (4)

Verbal tests are always by very far the most accessible and attractive to a broad audience, despite popular notions of cultural or linguistic "bias" (which in actuality is quite small to non-existent). Of the non-verbal tests, visual-spatial ones are the most popular. Numerical and logical tests are feared to some extent; this is probably the wide-spread fear of mathematics and (formal, symbolic) logic among the general "alpha" public.

Test hardness (q) by number of item types contained

# typesmean q (# tests)
10.51 (63)
20.51 (22)
30.63 (18)
40.41 (10)

Contrary to people's dislike for them, heterogeneous tests are not harder on the whole than homogeneous ones.

Hardness (q) of homogeneous tests by item type contained

Typemean q (# tests)
Verbal0.52 (45)
Numerical0.41 (7)
Spatial0.43 (6)
Logical0.58 (4)

Correlation number of scores occurring per year on test × test hardness

rn/yr × q = -0.11 (over 116 tests with at least 1 score each)

rn/yr × q = -0.12 (over 78 tests with at least 16 scores each)

rn/yr × q = -0.14 (over 58 tests with at least 25 scores each)

rn/yr × q = -0.15 (over 42 tests with at least 36 scores each)

rn/yr × q = -0.21 (over 31 tests with at least 49 scores each)

rn/yr × q = -0.22 (over 28 tests with at least 64 scores each)

rn/yr × q = -0.22 (over 28 tests with at least 81 scores each)

rn/yr × q = -0.30 (over 14 tests with at least 100 scores each)

rn/yr × q = -0.26 (over 10 tests with at least 121 scores each)

Although this appears a slight negative correlation, one expects a somewhat larger negative correlation with the true, population-independent, test hardness. This correlation means that easier tests are more popular than harder tests. The fact that hardness as meant here is computed in relation to the group of candidates having taken the test may attenuate the correlation toward zero, on the understanding that a (truly) harder test will attract a smaller sample with a higher average level, and that therefore the average score of the sample shifts upward with true hardness, thus hiding the correlation.

Conclusions summarized

  1. Homogeneous (one-sided) tests are far more popular than heterogeneous (multi-sided, mixed-item) tests;
  2. Easier tests are more popular than harder tests;
  3. Heterogeneous tests are not harder on the whole than homogeneous tests, despite candidates' apparent dislike or fear of them;
  4. Of the homogeneous tests, verbal tests are the most popular, even though in a foreign language for many of the candidates;
  5. Of the homogeneous non-verbal tests, visual-spatial tests are the most popular;
  6. The various types of homogeneous tests do not differ much in hardness, although numerical and spatial tests are easier than logical and verbal tests.