Statistics of Giga Test

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Scores on Giga Test as of 14 February 2023

Contents type: Verbal, numerical, working memory capacity.   Period: 1997-2002

49 *
71 *
83 *
97 *
119 *

Correlation of Giga Test with other mental ability tests

Test name n r
Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices (I.Q.)21.00
Unknown and miscellaneous tests21.00

Weighted average of correlations: 1.000 (N = 4)

Estimated g factor loading: 1.00

Ranking in above table is based on the unrounded correlations. All available data is present in this table, no tests are left out except for those with less than 2 score pairs. All known pairs are used, including possible floor/ceiling scores or outliers.

National medians for Giga Test

Country n median score

For reasons of privacy, only countries with 3 or more candidates are included in this table. Ranking is based on the medians, and then alphabetic.

Correlation with national I.Q.'s of Giga Test

Correlation of this test with national average I.Q.'s published by Lynn and Vanhanen:

Correlation of Giga Test with personal details

Personalia n r
Year of birth50.56

Scores by age

Age class n Median score
45 to 49183.0
35 to 39171.0
30 to 34149.0
25 to 291119.0
18 or 19197.0

N = 5

Scores by year taken

Year taken n median score

N = 5