Test For Genius (French) - Statistics

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This test can no longer be taken.



34 *
44 *
45 *
51 *
52 *
59 **
61 *
65 *
69 *

Correlation with other tests

Short Test For Genius21
Mega Test21
Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices (raw)21
Sigma Test21
Strict Logic Sequences Exam I21
Association and Analogies (French)100.94
Analogies of Long Test For Genius (French)100.94
Association subtest of Long Test For Genius (French)100.79
Space, Time and Hyperspace100.65
Logima Strictica 362-1

Weighted average of correlations: 0.788

Conservatively estimated minimum g loading: 0.89

Ranking in above table is based on the unrounded correlations. All available data is present in this table, no tests are left out except for those with less than 2 score pairs. All known pairs are used to obtain the true, honest statistics; correlations are not artificially inflated by leaving out ceiling scores, outliers or other anomalies.

National averages

Country# scoresAverage score

For reasons of privacy, only countries with 2 or more candidates are included in this table. Ranking is based on the unrounded averages.

Correlation with personal details

Year of birth60.1
Is male10-0.23

Correlation with national IQs

Correlation of this test with national average IQs published by Lynn and Vanhanen:

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