Tests by Nicolas Elenas (aggregate) statistics

Paul Cooijmans


These are statistics based on the scores on the tests by Nicolas Elenas (aggregate) as reported by test candidates of I.Q. Tests for the High Range. Please keep the following in mind: As a result of candidates' tendency to report their higher scores while withholding lower ones, there may be an upward bias in the reported scores, while the possible correlation with other variables is reduced as a result of the restriction of range inherent to this incomplete reporting. Also, this report deals with a compound variable, wherein all the tests of a given author are combined. Such a compound variable, too, has reduced potential to correlate with any other variable because of the imperfect intercorrelations of its constituents.

Scores on Tests by Nicolas Elenas (aggregate) as of 25 June 2022

133 *
136 *
137 *
138 **
140 ***
141 *
143 **
144 *
145 **
146 *
147 *
152 *
153 *
154 *
155 *
157 *
163 *
170 *
184 *
185 *
200 *

Correlation of Tests by Nicolas Elenas (aggregate) with other mental ability tests

(Test index) Test name n r
(52) Qoymans Multiple-Choice #250.91
(225) Logima Strictica 36 (Robert Lato)70.75
(249) Queendom Culture Fair50.73
(242) Unknown and miscellaneous tests160.71
(50) Qoymans Automatic Test #260.64
(221) New York High I.Q. Society tests60.63
(220) Cattell Culture Fair40.53
(72) Qoymans Automatic Test #150.52
(237) Sigma Test (Hindemburg)60.52
(236) International High IQ Society tests (aggregate)80.43
(250) European I.Q. Test60.38
(86) Evens50.36
(234) Strict Logic Sequences Exam I (Jonathan Wai)40.28
(231) Tests by Greg Grove (aggregate)60.15
(51) Qoymans Multiple-Choice #110-0.07
(7) The Final Test4-0.25
(57) Space, Time, and Hyperspace10-0.32
(235) Nonverbal Cognitive Performance Examination (Xavier Jouve)4-0.47
(68) Numbers4-0.56

Weighted average of correlations: 0.336 (N = 121, weighted sum = 40.69)

Conservatively estimated minimum g loading: 0.58

Ranking in above table is based on the unrounded correlations. All available data is present in this table, no tests are left out except for those with less than 4 score pairs. All known pairs are used, including possible floor/ceiling scores or outliers.

Estimated loadings of Tests by Nicolas Elenas (aggregate) on particular item types

Too little data.

National medians for Tests by Nicolas Elenas (aggregate)

Country n median score

For reasons of privacy, only countries with 2 or more candidates are included in this table. Ranking is based on the medians, and then alphabetic.

Correlation with national I.Q.'s of Tests by Nicolas Elenas (aggregate)

Correlation of this test with national average I.Q.'s published by Lynn and Vanhanen:

Correlation of Tests by Nicolas Elenas (aggregate) with personal details

Personalia n r
Disorders (own)140.49
Year of birth230.34
Disorders (parents and siblings)140.26
Observed behaviour6-0.03
Father's educational level13-0.07
Gifted Adult's Inventory of Aspergerisms7-0.14
Educational level14-0.31
Mother's educational level13-0.49

Estimated g factor loadings upward and downward of particular scores

In parentheses the number of score pairs on which that estimated g factor loading is based. The goal of this is to verify the hypothesis that g becomes less important, accounts for a smaller proportion of the variance, at higher I.Q. levels. The mere fact of restricting the range like this also depresses the g loading compared to computing it over the test's full range, so it would be normal for both values to be lower than the test's full-range g loading.

Raw scoreUpward g (N)Downward g (N)
1330.58 (121)NaN (0)
1380.59 (94)-0.59 (4)
1450.51 (37)0.17 (33)
1520.40 (13)0.54 (68)
200NaN (0)0.58 (121)