Qoymans Automatic Test #2

© Feb 2008 Paul Cooijmans

This was an automatically scored test that was in use several years ago. A number of people reported their score voluntarily, so these scores may not be representative as many other scores must have remained unreported. Also, it was possible to take the test repeatedly. Item statistics were not collected.



6 *
7 ****
8 ***
9 ****
10 ***********
11 *********
12 ****

Correlation with other tests

Cooijmans Intelligence Test - Form 221.00
The Test To End All Tests21.00
Spatial Insight Test21.00
Long Test For Genius21.00
Cattell Culture Fair21.00
Graduate Record Examination21.00
SAT (new)21.00
916 Test21.00
Strict Logic Sequences Exam I21.00
International High IQ Society Ultimate IQ Test30.98
Sigma Test30.95
International High IQ Society Verbal Test30.91
Space, Time and Hyperspace60.82
Queendom Culture Fair40.67
Unknown tests90.64
Nicolas Elena Tests60.64
Qoymans Multiple-Choice #270.53
Qoymans Automatic Test #1310.47
Psychometric Qrosswords30.43
Qoymans Multiple-Choice #450.26
The Final Test50.03
Genius Association Test30.03
Qoymans Multiple-Choice #18-0.04
New York High IQ Society tests3-0.05
International High IQ Society Miscellaneous tests5-0.14
Association subtest of Long Test For Genius3-0.19
Qoymans Multiple-Choice #36-0.43
Analogies of Long Test For Genius3-0.50
Mysterium Entrance Exam6-0.56
Verbal Insight Test2-1.00
Analogies #13-1.00

Weighted average of correlations: 0.355

Conservatively estimated minimum g loading: 0.60

Ranking in above table is based on the unrounded correlations. All available data is present in this table, no tests are left out except for those with less than 2 score pairs. All known pairs are used to obtain the true, honest statistics; correlations are not artificially inflated by leaving out ceiling scores, outliers or other anomalies.

National averages

Country# scoresAverage score

For reasons of privacy, only countries with 2 or more candidates are included in this table. Ranking is based on the unrounded averages.

Correlation with personal details

PSIA Cruel50.84
PSIA Antisocial50.65
GAIA - Gifted Adult's Inventory of Aspergerisms50.57
Year of birth150.55
PSIA Rare50.44
Educational level100.40
PSIA System factor (phased out)50.33
PSIA Just50.31
PSIA Aspergoid50.28
PSIA Cold50.27
Disorders (own)110.24
Disorders (parents and siblings)100.23
PSIA Rational50.10
Is male35-0.08
PSIA Orderly5-0.17
PSIA True5-0.24
Mother's educational level9-0.40
Father's educational level9-0.41
PSIA Ethics factor9-0.44
PSIA Deviance factor9-0.58
PSIA Extreme5-0.61
PSIA Neurotic5-0.70
PSIA Introverted5-0.92

The above table shows that some personalia correlate positively that normally correlate negatively with IQ tests, and that some correlate negatively that normally correlate positively (as seen many other reports on this web site). This may have to do with the voluntary score reporting and retesting; one may imagine that unethical unconscientious persons take the test repeatedly and report their highest score (although it was requested to report only one's first score).

Correlation with national IQs

Correlation of this test with national average IQs published by Lynn and Vanhanen:

Overall test quality