Evens - statistics

© May 2003 Paul Cooijmans

Evens consists of 15 number series [that are now - 2008 - included in "Cartoons of Shock"]. The norms:

The scores (29 scores):

15***** ***** ***** ***** ***

Correlation with other tests:

Qoymans Automatic Test #240.87
Mysterium Entrance Exam70.75
Qoymans Multiple-Choice #290.68
Unknown tests40.6
Qoymans Multiple-Choice100.43
Association Subtest of LTFG70.28
New York High IQ Soc. tests40.2
Final Test50.05
Qoymans Automatic Test #140
Space, Time & Hyperspace12-0.1
Analogies #17-0.3

Mean correlation: 0.382

The correlations here appear lower than they really are because of the strong ceiling effect.

Item analysis

5 of the items are never missed. The other 10 all have positive correlations with total score, up to .92 (4 items). The hardest item is missed by 10% of the testees.

Additional statistics October 2008

Paul Cooijmans


7 *
13 ***
14 **
15 ***********************

Correlation with other tests

Qoymans Multiple-Choice #350.89
Qoymans Automatic Test #240.87
Mysterium Entrance Exam70.74
Qoymans Multiple-Choice #2100.67
Sigma Test50.63
International High IQ Society Miscellaneous tests30.63
Unknown tests40.60
Qoymans Multiple-Choice #1120.46
Analogies of Long Test For Genius60.41
Qoymans Multiple-Choice #460.40
Nonverbal Cognitive Performance Examination70.38
Nicolas Elena Tests50.36
Association subtest of Long Test For Genius70.28
New York High IQ Society tests40.20
Qoymans Automatic Test #140.00
The Final Test8-0.02
Analogies #17-0.04
Space, Time and Hyperspace12-0.10

Weighted average of correlations: 0.381

Conservatively estimated minimum g loading: 0.62

Ranking in above table is based on the unrounded correlations. All available data is present in this table, no tests are left out except for those with less than 3 score pairs. All known pairs are used to obtain the true, honest statistics; Correlations are not artificially inflated by leaving out ceiling scores, outliers or other anomalies.

National medians

Country# ScoresMedian score

For reasons of privacy, only countries with 2 or more candidates are included in this table. Ranking is based on the medians, and then alphabetic.

Correlation with personal details

PSIA Cruel40.62
PSIA Orderly40.59
PSIA Cold40.50
PSIA Just40.42
Disorders (own)80.33
Disorders (parents and siblings)80.33
PSIA True40.19
Number of characters in candidate's name as registered290.10
PSIA Aspergoid40.08
PSIA Rational40.07
PSIA Introverted40.05
PSIA Extreme40.05
PSIA Deviance factor7-0.07
Year of birth22-0.07
PSIA Rare4-0.14
Educational level8-0.17
PSIA Ethics factor7-0.20
PSIA Antisocial4-0.32
Father's educational level8-0.77
PSIA Neurotic4-0.77
Mother's educational level8-0.82

Correlation with national I.Q.s

Correlation of this test with national average I.Q.s published by Lynn and Vanhanen:

Estimated g factor loadings Upward and Downward of specific scores

In parentheses the number of score pairs on which that estimated g factor loading is based. The Upward and Downward values are calculated including the pertinent score itself. It is normal that g factor loadings go down when the range is restricted like this, but careful study of the Upward and Downward columns may reveal possible scores below or above which the test loses validity altogether.

ScoreUpward (n)Downward (n)
7.62 (136)NaN (0)
10.56 (130)NaN (0)
13.56 (130).96 (8)
14.82 (11).89 (9)
15NaN (0).62 (136)



Scores by age

Age group# ScoresMedian score
40 to 44115.0
35 to 39315.0
30 to 34315.0
25 to 29615.0
22 to 24415.0
20 or 21214.0
18 or 19215.0

Scores by year taken

Year taken# CandidatesMedian score

Robustness and overall test quality