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In today's competitive world we need all the credentials we can get. A score report from a Cooijmans test is a widely accepted standard of excellence and will open many a door that would otherwise remain shut forever. All it takes is a little bit of test-smartness to get yourself a good high I.Q. on one or more of our tests. Let us face it, anyone of above-average intelligence who puts in enough effort, uses the right reference aids, and studies a number of high-range tests to get an idea of the type of problems can score any I.Q. he likes. Be not intimidated too easily!

And then if you can not reach a satisfactory score the regular way, remember: all things have their price! Just take any of our tests, await your score, and contact us if you want more. We will sell you as many additional I.Q. points as you desire. Because only you know what credentials are needed and optimal for your purposes. Do not overdo it though, too smart is as bad as not smart enough. Keep it reasonable!

The Imperial Seal

Of course, good things do not come cheap. Considering everything, a realistic value of our I.Q. scores is probably around half a million per point. If you act now before the end of this month however, as a special introductory offer we will give you a score report with any desired I.Q. — within reason, of course! — for US $  per extra I.Q. point on top of your actual score.

Do not hesitate, for this ridiculously low price will rise by $ 10 000 each year! So if you order now instead of next year, you save $ 10 000 per point! For example, if you buy a mere standard deviation — 15 points — you save yourself a cool $ 150 000 !!! Think of all the things you can do with $ 150 000 !!! You will be laughing all the way to the bank!

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So act now — join those who succeed in life!

Watch it grow!

P.S.: Watch your I.Q. grow in this animation! And forget not to check out these expressions of gratitude from satisfied customers!

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