I.Q. Tests for the High Range

Three Minotaur heads as appearing on the Cooijmans family coat of arms.

List of tests

List of high-range I.Q. tests with description and ordering information

A quick impression of the item types contained in a test is given by the columns V (verbal), N (numerical), S (spatial), L (logical).

Tests with four item types

Test nameVNSLRemark
Gliaweb Riddled Intelligence TestEasy
Cooijmans Intelligence Test - Form 4EWin the Prize of the Beheaded Man and acquire eternal fame!
The Piper's TestWill you free the abducted children of Hameln?
Only idiotsOnly an idiot would attempt this test.
Test of the Beheaded Man 
The Sargasso Test 
The Nemesis TestVery hard

Tests with three item types

Test nameVNSLRemark
The Bonsai Test - Revision 2016 A short test
Cooijmans Intelligence Test - Form 3E If in doubt which to choose, this one is recommended.
Divine Psychometry By Matthew Scillitani
The smell test  
Random Feickery By Brandon Feick
Cooijmans Intelligence Test 5  
The Marathon Test A long test
Test For Genius  
Narcissus' last stand Comprises Reflections In Peroxide and The Test To End All Tests
A Paranoiac's Torture - Intelligence Test Utilizing Diabolic Exactitude  
Cooijmans On-Line Test - Two-barrelled version  

Tests with two item types

Test nameVNSLRemark
Problems In Gentle Slopes of the third degree✓    
A Relaxing Test  By David Miller
Reason Behind Multiple-Choice  Comprises Qoymans Multiple-Choice #5 and Reason - Revision 2008.
Problems In Gentle Slopes of the second degree   
Dicing with death  Comprises The Final Test - Revision 2013 and some additional dicey problems
Associative LIMIT  Comprises Genius Association Test and Lieshout International Mesospheric Intelligence Test
The Marathon Test - Numerical and Spatial sections   
Test For Genius - Numerical and Spatial sections   
Reflections In Peroxide   
The Alchemist Test  By Anas El Husseini — Win the Prize of the Beheaded Man and acquire eternal fame!
Psychometrically Activated Grids Acerbate Neuroticism  Comprises Psychometric Qrosswords and Daedalus Test
Labyrinthine LIMIT  Comprises Lieshout International Mesospheric Intelligence Test and Daedalus Test
Isis Test  Extremely hard