Prize of the Beheaded Man

Three Minotaur heads as appearing on the Cooijmans family coat of arms

Acquire eternal fame!

The highest scorer on the Cooijmans Intelligence Test - Form 4E and the Alchemist Test (to be decided by summing each candidate's raw scores over those two tests) before 21 December 2025 (Greenwich Mean Time) will be awarded the Prize of the Beheaded Man and mentioned as such on the awards page. The Prize consists of a P.D.F. certificate and mention on said web page. The year 2025 constitutes the thirtieth anniversary of I.Q. Tests for the High Range's test scoring activities.

The tests will remain in use after the contest has ended, correct answers will not be published, there can be no correspondence about your score or the contents of the tests, and the scorer alone determines the winner by simply counting the number of correct answers for each participant.

In the unlikely case of a tie, all of the candidates sharing the top score will receive the Prize. Drawing a winner at random would be unethical in such a case, while awarding the Prize to the chronologically first top scorer would violate the principle of untimed testing, which we adhere to.