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Received by I.Q. Tests for the High Range

Have a good meal!

Hi Paul ,

I read your statement about taking money for higher test scores . Ha . Have you gotten any takers ? It's amazing how people can throw their money at the unattainable . Good luck with your ventures , and eat shit you poser .

Craig S.

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You should be proud of yourself, colleague!

Your price hike on home brew IQ tests is horrid. What gives you the right, as an unlicensed "psychologist," to do this sort of thing to an unsuspecting public? You should be ashamed of yourself. And this is the TRUTH, so don't try to use aversion methods to escape from the hard facts.

Greg G. (Licensed pyschologist and admissions officer of several high-I.Q. societies)

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Peace man! Your tests are great!

dear cooijmans

What the fuck is your problem dude? I mean your tests are great but you are a freaking sellout. 1 point costs 60k? by knowing that your scores can be "bought" your tests become useless. And when you get a good score someone else could have paid for it. besides, who in their right mind would agree to that? "imagine what you can do with extra 150,000" , ....imagine what you could do with extra fucking 15*60 almost 1 mill. yeah, this is fucked up bro, u gotta reconsider your values.


Denis D.

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Finally, intelligence and justice rule the world!

Hi there,

I have a question which should be very important to you! In the additional information of your Linkedin profile under interests one can find the word justice. The problem is that the following link from YOU has NOTHING to do with the word justice (and the comments prove that, too):

It is the exact opposite of justice. Can you explain that??? Did you need money to alive or for a project while doing it or should it be a joke?

I just wanted to take a test from you, but I think (NOW) your tests must be not worth my time and money when I see such things. Now I think the Giga Society must be total rubbish. Nobody can buy intelligence and you only make shure that stupid guys rule the world.

Best Regards


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