Public health warning

Three Minotaur heads as appearing on the Cooijmans family coat of arms

Public health warning concerning I.Q. tests for the high range

Tests available from I.Q. tests for the high range are meant to measure mental ability by realistic standards and following an objective, formal procedure.

This approach is inevitably felt as harsh by some, in particular compared to other testing services one finds on the Internet that aim slightly more to please the candidate and may on rare occasions even flatter one's I.Q. just a tiny little bit (yes, that sentence contains understatement).

When taking our tests there exists therefore a none-zero and possibly none-remote chance one will learn that one's intelligence is fractionally lower than one had thought or hoped. It is recommended to only proceed ordering tests if one is confident of possessing the mental stability required to deal with the thus inflicted suffering.

Although no specific risk groups are excluded categorically from testing, and the ultimate responsibility and decision lie with the candidate, for information one is advised that while many suffer, the individuals who suffer most tend to be some of those from the group of persons with psychotic disorders of the paranoid kind.