Expressions of gratitude from satisfied candidates

Received by I.Q. Tests for the High Range


Below are a mere handful from the blossoming abundance of kind, thankful letters that warm our hearts every delightful day again as we are blessed to receive them, and that show how deeply one appreciates the objective, accurate, consistent, sincere scoring of one's test submissions for which we are so widely noted.

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Messages of gratitude

If you are Norwegian, he will give you a high I.Q.!

I took his IQ test, Test for Genius Verbal, and I got every answer right. He immediately deleted everything, tried to bug my computer with some sort of script (used a .PDF file that the test comes in) thankfully my Norton 360 caught it, and he pretty much concealed that I have a perfect score on his IQ test. He stole $20 USD from me and wrote down “118 IQ” (which is a racist jab because higher IQ scores have talked to him) when I answered everything correctly

.Scam website from a criminal person. Extremely crooked, immoral person you can find anywhere on earth (including Africa which will eventually have people over 167 IQ points above him). I do not know why people support some low IQ man (260 IQ, can find smarter people working at Wal-mart anywhere in America) handing out fraudulent IQ tests that don’t even report an accurate intelligence score back.

This person is really pro-Norwegian on the surface (which really means his own exact race. There is no love for the Norwegian people in this thing, only poison). If you are German or English and taking one of his intelligence tests, you will be marked at a low standard out of racism. He allowed a couple of men through to keep up the charade of fairness (several he would have blocked entirely), but really he would kill anyone taking one of his IQ tests. It’s the same thing as giving your life to a Chinese man at this point, so I believe this entire thing should not be socially supported.

This thing is a digital internet highway-man laughing at everyone’s life. Do not support corrupt men such as this.

Little girl strokes pussycat - Meow !

Thank you for your accurate assessment of my I.Q.!

This feels like an off IQ score to me. My Dad's brother is a multi-millionaire, I am related to James Woods (who is 184 IQ), and my mother comes from the mayor of Bluefields, Nicaragua. I am descended from the Howard clan in the United Kingdom. The founder of it was by the side of King Richard III. The middle name Howard is in my Dad's name and in the name of James H Woods. I may also be related to Lee Harvey Oswald and James Buchanan. I am in the 97th percentile for rainbow six siege, and I have played and beaten a 1400 ranked player on You are either a bad test creator, or you are lying. There's no way you are a good person with the IQ you have and the feminization (140 IQ white matter) in your brain. My granddad had your face and he wasn't.

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Thank you for scoring my test!

Dear Paul:

I earned a perfect score on "Reason". Why you marked me as you did, I wonder. I will require to you rectify my score accordingly, or I will press immediate legal action.

I worked hard on "Reason" - included very good explanations, and am 100% inclined I didn't get a darn thing wrong. Infact, I'm so confident, I could prove my point in the court-of-law. Remember Paul, if it must come down to that, then my lawyer is but a phone call away. You might want to consider the credibility factor too; namely the effect this will have on your reputation.



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I will notify some very important I.Q. people of your good work!

Paul, I expect a perfect score on both the final test and the test to end all test or I will bring this to the attention of some very important IQ people as well as mensa !... I expect the scores via priority mail, you have my address

David s.

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I am impressed by your objectivity!

This score is nonsense. I have shown valid patterns on more than 12 questions. I am greatly disappointed in your sense of objectivity. With all due respect, I also recommend that you form a committee to assess the validity of your questions and to grade your tests as well.


Neil M.

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Thank you for being so truthful in reporting my score!

we both know that my IQ is much higher than the First test I sent you reflects.... Now i have went to all this trouble for nothing because of your dishonesty.... come clean Paul and explain..... all i am asking for is my true raw score....

Essie M.

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I will tell all of my friends about your tests!

Dear [name of third person],

Hi! I am going to tell friends not to do Paul Cooijmans' tests. For his Numbers test, he gave me IQ135, so I sent an email stating that that was a horribly low score. Then, I sat for his Test of Genius, and he gave me IQ135 again, so I sent an email stating that he gave me very low scores. Then, I sat for his ISIS Test, and he gave me 0 out of 5, but I know that one of my answers is definitely correct. His ISIS Test is bullshit! Here is the email I sent to Paul Cooijmans:

Dear Paul,

In my ISIS Test solutions, my answer to question 5 is definitely correct, but you marked it as wrong. My method for question 5 was a very valid method. When I did the [some contest] paper, recently, in six hours, I beat the scores of all but two of the contestants who competed in the actual competition, although they took much longer to do the test, and were inspired by glory. ([name of third person] marked my paper.) Yesterday, I obtained IQ172 in some stupid internet IQ Test, but that was far more accurate than your assessment in the ISIS Test. I know that I definitely got my answer for question 5 correct. And I believe that my other answers were very good possibilities.

Yours truly,

Peter R.

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Your well-constructed tests are grandiose!

Nuts, should have submitted my 800 verbal on the GRE. I entered the hi iq world to study it sociologically. There is grandiosity to it all that paradoxes the narcissistic injury & potentiates racist's core irrationality.

The mutual admiration between those whose only commonality is a test score, and in the extreme clubs assessment instruments of extraordinarily poor construction or evidence of viability, is simply fascinating & sublimely frightening; the Freudian beast. The true test is ultimately in the pudding and whether those who claim IQ's vastly greater than Einstein's can do anything vaguely resembling genius.


Robert R.-M.

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I am thrilled and ecstatic as to the quality of your tests and your worth to society!

Dear Paulus,

When your father told me that he was expecting an eleventh child in the winter of ‘64, I could not have been more ecstatic. I was thrilled at the prospect of becoming a godfather to young Paulus. I recall holding you in my hands while you were still an infant and being amazed at how tractable your disposition was.

Alas, your father and I lost contact in the third year of your birth and I hadn’t heard much about you until a good friend recently apprised me of your internet activities.

Needless to say I was mortified. Could it really be that the precocious little Paulus has grown into a man of such little character and worth to society? I expected you to discover the cure for cancer or to resolve the inconsistency between general relativity and quantum mechanics, not waste your time making up meaningless IQ tests.

I write this letter lachrymose and on the verge of breaking down. I only wish for what’s best for you.

Please tell your mother that I wish her well and I apologize on your behalf for any pain you’ve caused her.

[Anonymous coward]

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Please accept this association problem I made for you as a token of appreciation!

Cooijmans - Your tone with me on the past few emails has been uncalled for and unacceptable. Hell, I even gave you $10 with which I could have used for something worth while - never bite the hand that feeds you. I've also given you a tremendous amount of data between the personality inventory and the several tests I submitted although sloppy and rushed. You aren't one of those 99.999 th percentile pricks are you? Because I think you are, unfortunetly. Here's a word association for you, and take it to heart (do you know what that means?). I've noticed by the way you write that maybe the English is a little weak. It means SERIOUS, any way here your own WORD ASSOCIATION...


And don't try anymore worms or viruses. We've already established the fact that you're a dense, arrogant prick. Why pour gasoline on the fire?

Jeff H.

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I am sending my staff by plane to thank you!

Crazy black man Willis Dady. Homeless shelter, gun, needle, jail bird trained to plant atom bombs - clock. Cedar Rapids Iowas ghost town. Hospitals, vampire nurses.

[drawing of aircraft] Greece jet

Yours, Buffy

Morning rush hour jail bird gardeners with chainsaw. Ontario California bull guard. Sheraton Hotel white van, Calif. Dept. of Correction vampires. Museum of Art Cedar Rapids Iowa.

I taught I saw a puddy tat. I did I did.


P.S. Fire engine sirens 5 star Hotel Rock + roll birds - disguise murders.




[drawing of aircraft]

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I am looking forward to seeing you again!

Hello Paul,

How are you doing, old friend?
Well, I hope! For the moment.

I'll be coming to Helmond next month.
And I'll get rid of you.
I will take my time.
I know where you live.
I know where you go.

Do you remember me?
We met 2 years ago.

You stupid little prick.
Prepare to suffer.
Prepare to die.

See you soon,
mmmfred 196 -

A last test for you:
One of these people will die soon. Select this person:
a. Herold T - b. Peter Q - c. Arnold B - d. Paul C - e. Jon N

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I wish to make a donation to help you keep up the good work!

Dear shithead,

I was the scrouge of this galaxy before humans developed the capacity to be intelligent and therefore die under me. For your tactical acumen I cant give you a zero and neither will you be furnished with details of this planets end. You are without doubt the most retarded human I have met, the chore of raping your dead corpse will be with my dog Bhishma Bhat whose name you changed to hormonal injection. You have to be made capable of more pain before you can be made to understand how fast I can annhilate your standards of I.Q testing, the likes of [name removed] and the 16 yo will be made to feel the full blast of my powers, these cuntlike creatures, the namecalling idiots who represent vaginal blood and the decomposing wall of the cervix with 5 day labour pain performances are nothing but the shit on [name removed]'s face which is nescessary so that you learn the pain of dying under me.

[name removed] the techinical millionaire with shit for a brain will be dead if he visits monaco again and does that sideshot thing with me again. He is not allowed to bhat during his masterful wet performances either.

[name removed] removed from facebook, the victim of choice removed for the present moment must have taken considerable amount of your abilities,me and Bhishma have nothing but thirst for his blood. Bhishma Bhat's superhuman physical strength ( me being with bionic organs), extreme capacities in the wet weather will be the pinnacle of driving ability in the centuries to come. The shitty opposite lock you conducted with light being 'not limited and extended for the end' will be the reason for your considerable torture under my present name.

Britishers the losers in future wars, the pedantic cunts(very much like thoth) will be uprooted by the 65 million by land and sent to the sun. Dont even think how long [name removed] lasts in such heat, the liquification of his so called brain at a pedestrian 192 will be such that it wont be worth a dime to a dog.

I cant give too much info here without killing you which will be of course a fault of mine, but for cheated tests by the email I send you knows no end unless you tell me how many lies you are hiding plus how many young ones you( the third rate giga members) you have for my consumption and destruction at will.

To explain the current, future and past emails of the undersigned nemesis and Bhishma Bhat, bhat will be made the member of Giga society in 2010. Send Bhat his money back with $ 10 compensation or deadalus will displayed with analogies first on a public webpage.

So that your brain functions properly and [name removed] is fattened for the kill or any GIGA member for that matter:

1. The falsification criterion is not a question but a blind hyperextension statement which is a kant killer in more ways than one and can be explained to normal humans after which the reaction is dead slow reaction and the corpse of some child( [name removed]) thrown at my face.It can be verified as a intantaneous reaction because of its structure and verifies I.Q at 195 VERY EXTREMLY HARD done at age 12 because of an older impudent whore whose shit [name removed] would have eaten by now by showing her the shit representing "born to be the best commodore 64 asswipe stuff', felt that her boyfriend's deadlift at 40lb was a bit too much(of course i have these pleasures, wink).

2. The question on light verifies some humble shitheaded yes no extend or not assumptive anal shit eating habits GIGA members have like saying( since they died under me for doing some interesting homework) 'self refrentially connected is flawed'. Ofcourse you have to search in the depths of my shit before you can find that so called fact, BUT HAS BEEN PROVEN TO BE RIGHT IN LIGHT. FIND THAT AND YOU WILL FIND YOUR FIRST DEATH FOR WHATEVER REASON SINCE YOU HAVE ALREADY FOUND THE QUESTION ON LIGHT.


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