Advantages of taking I.Q. tests for the high range

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Reasons to take high-range I.Q. tests

The following are good and valid reasons why people take high-range tests:

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It is hoped that more advantages will be offered in the future as the world of high I.Q. societies matures, and learns to develop more effective programmes for self-improvement in the realms of study, work, therapy and contact. Admittedly, I.Q. societies are still in their infancy compared to much older institutions like universities, churches, and professional organizations.

Not reasons to take high-range I.Q. tests

The following are bad reasons to take tests:

Also, with high-range tests one normally does not get a consultation afterwards about the meaning of one's scores. There will be no qualified professional to comfort one and trivialize the score ("Come on, intelligence isn't everything...", "I.Q. is only a number..."). One is on one's own with the realization one is not as intelligent as one had thought or hoped.