Strict Logic Spatial Examination 48 - Items 33 to 48

Jonathan Wai - 2003 ©

Because grading this test takes my time, I charge a small fee (10 or 15 US $). I only accept payment through paypal (use and submission of answers through email. Keep in mind that I will only send you an email score report with your raw score in it. Please also keep in mind that everyone thinks they score higher than they actually do, so be prepared for a lower score than you expect. I do not give IQ scores because I do not know what this test measures. I only will point you to a norm with a theoretical IQ associated with a raw score based on the data I have collected so far. If having understood the above information you still wish to take this test, I encourage you to have fun.

The following information is REQUIRED for me to process your exam:

Full Name
ALL prior test scores on standardized and high range tests
The fee mentioned above